Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Test Of Mice and Men


Th motif of miceand men

The motif Of Mice and Men was loneliness and companionship. Lennie George, they take care of each other and travel together. But crook, Candy, and Curley wife often face loneliness.

Crook’s was the only black worker on the farm among several white workers. He worked by himself, and had a room by himself. He spent most of his free time in his bunkroom reading and while the other guys are out of town and drinking. At on point Crook had a little companionship when Lennie walks in his room and started to talk to him.

Candy’s was lonely on the other hand because he didn’t have any family or place to live on his own. He was lonely when his dog was shot; he also was companionship with his dog because the dog was the only friend he has in the farm.
Candy, Crook, Curley’s wife and they were alone in their own way. Curley wife was a prisoner because her husband doesn’t want to see her talking to any one. Don’t want her to make a friend on the farm because he think that someone will try to talked his wife and he don’t like that. he never showed her any kind of affection and passion. The only thing that they both do together was that he worked and she watched him. He always wanted her to stay in the house and do nothing. He never wanted her to talk to any other guy but him. But all she wanted to is to find someone that she could talk to about her and problem and other thing.

The motif of Mice and Men was loneliness and companionship with Curley wife, Crook and Candy. All of them have different thing in common. Like how Candy lost his bog that was his best friend but they take him away from him. Curley wife she needs someone to talk to and someone who she can call friend. Crook also was lonely because he was the only black man in the farm.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Though service learning I have learn the follow

Though service learning I learned a lot of things about myself that I did not know before. I learned how to give people that are unable to do the thing that they want to do. I also learned to be helpful to people.

The three moments in the group

When I was selling the ice cream, it was very frustrating. When I finished selling the ice cream, I felt successful, because we sold over 100 dollars. I had no doubts. I had no indecisions.

What I learned about the topic

How children are sick in the hospital. and how they are great facilities. They have play areas where they can read books, and play games. The doctors make your feel good and comfortable.

My Service Learning reflection

When I was selling the ice cream, it was very frustrating. When I finished selling the ice cream, I felt successful, because we sold over 100 dollars. I had no doubts. I had no indecisions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Themes of mice and men

My theme for of Mice and Men is the American Dream, because in this book everyone has a dream. The three main people who had a dream were Lennie, George, Candy and Curley’s wife.

Curley’s wife had a big dream to be a movie star. “Went out to the riverside dance palace with him, he says he was going to put me in the movie. Soon he got back to Hollywood he was gonna write to me about it.” But they were playing her dream because they didn’t care about her big dream that she had. She was only women in the plot.

In this book lennie had a dream. His dream was a little place. Lennie wanted a tend rabbits. Although he had a mind of a young child he still has a dream. He wanted a big land were he and George can called their own and also a farm.

George, Lennie and Candy shared the same dream which was to live off of the “fat of the land” by getting an acre of land and a home they can call their own. George & Lennie wanted to be their own bosses. Lennie’s only dream was to tend to the rabbits.

In this book every one had a dream, but different dreams.
I think Steinbeck wanted to show people how everyone has a dream of their own. People like Lennie who had the mind of a young child he had a dream. Some people’s dream is to become a movie star but other people always put your dream on line, because they said I will called you back when I come back from Hollywood. But they lie to you they all got you hop up but it never happen like Curley’s Wife. A man who put his dream on hold to take care of someone who are unable to think own this and can’t survive on his own.